Why You Need A Good Stand Mixer

Using A Stand Mixer

Ask any baker what their most important appliance is and they will tell you it’s their stand mixer. These powerful tools can make baking much easier.

Selecting An Electric Stand Mixer

The traditional kitchen mixer is one of the most basic kitchen tools found in most homes. There are several different styles available to choose from as well as different attachments, each with its own special purpose. Choosing kitchen mixers that will best suit your needs will depend on several factors, including price, brand, and function. Here is a basic overview of different kitchen mixers and what to look for when making your decision.

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There are two main considerations to think about when purchasing a stand mixer: how many foods and what kinds of batters you intend to use it for. If you primarily mix tough, heavy dough, look for a mixer that has the extra heft and weight to manage tough tasks without getting tired moving the dough around the kitchen. If you mix simple cookies or breads frequently, a lightweight, cheap model is perfect for your needs. Kitchen mixers with powerful motors are ideal for doing multiple tasks such as mixing sauces and baking breads quickly and easily.

Kitchen mixers range in price from less than one hundred dollars to several hundred. You can choose from a basic machine that mixes just the basic ingredients, all the way up to models capable of mixing specialty ingredients like egg whites, sugar, and flour. Some mixers come with whisk or beaters attached to the machine, which allows for more precise mixing. Some machines allow you to add ingredients while the mixture is still in the mixing bowl, saving you time in the baking process.

Some Stand Mixers Have Useful Attachments

Another option for purchasing kitchen equipment is a pasta maker attachment for your unit. If you enjoy preparing fresh, nutritious, and delicious homemade pasta, a pasta maker is a must-have. In fact, owning a pasta maker might be the best kitchen appliance purchase you can make. The pasta maker does not only save you time by reducing the need to mix and knead dough in your own bowl, it can also save you money by making the pasta in just a few minutes. A pasta maker is a useful kitchen appliance that allows you to make the best pasta dishes for your family.

How To Use A Stand Mixer

Another must-have kitchen appliance for any kitchen is a strong, durable, and powerful motor stand mixer with a dough hook attachment. Mixing dough is an art and a chore, especially if you like to bake dense breads. A strong dough hook will make the task less daunting and more enjoyable. A heavy-duty dough hook attaches to the stand mixer, which can help you different types of dough easier.

A Great Kitchen Tool

You can also purchase an electric stand mixer with a paddle attachment for heavier duty mixing. Kitchen mixers can also come with assorted features that can make mixing much easier.  Some will come with bowls that have handles and pour spouts.  Others will have splash guards that fit over the bowl while mixing, cutting down on messy splashes and splatters.  More elaborate models will have power hubs that allow you to add blenders, food processors, or pasta cutters to the mixer.