Why We Love Cakes!

Why We Love Cake

We love cakes and we love to bake cakes! Baking a cake is one of the first things that beginner bakers learn how to do and the results are delicious.

Baking a Cake – Why We Love Cakes

As I found, there is more to mastering how to bake a cake than what is composed on the dish card. Now that I knew some of the fundamentals, how to bake a cake was a much simpler job.

Before baking in an oven, I would examine the cake recipe and make sure it called for the best temperature for the cake. When I purchased a brand-new oven I discovered that you have to inspect the accuracy of the oven’s temperature.  There can be a variance of up to 10 degrees on some new ovens.

Find Your Favorite Cake Recipes

I like to try different type of cake recipes, from bundt cakes to angle food cakes. My household isn’t fussy, they tend to eat any cake that I make. Trial and mistake have actually worked well for me although I have actually made a couple of genuinely miserable cakes when I didn’t take note of just how much of each active ingredient I was using. I could hear my mother’s voice informing me to follow the recipe, that’s why you have it!

Baking A Great Cake

I have likewise baked numerous cakes utilizing a microwave. Unlike the oven, you can’t control the temperature in the traditional method and cakes do not brown. There are some packaged cake blends that are created for microwave, that is the only method I would bake a cake in a microwave. Your toaster is a different matter. It works actually well for any cake dish and you don’t have to change any settings or change the dish. Many people do not think of a toaster oven as a little cooking area appliance that can bake cakes, but it works really well.

To minimize mess and make baking a breeze, buy a silicone sheet and line the inner side of your pan with it. If you’re going to be baking a cake using a baking sheet pan, spray it with non-stick spray prior to lining the pan. This helps in reducing the amount of grease that will accumulate on the bottom of the pan, making it easier to eliminate burned bits and making it easier to remove the cake from the pan with a spatula.