Tips For Baking A Cake Like A Pro

Baking A Cake

Baking a cake is easy, fun and the results are delicious. Here are some tips to help you become a better cake baker and impress your family.

Baking a Cake – The Easy Way to Perfect Cake Creation

baking a cake

Ah, the elusive art of how to bake a cake, and all of its delicious secrets. When I found the perfect cake recipe, it was such a welcome surprise! But as I discovered, there is more to mastering baking a cake than what is written on the recipe card. So now that I knew some of the basics, how to bake a cake was a much easier task.

Before baking in an oven, I would inspect the cake recipe and make sure it called for the right temperature for the cake. If not, I would then check my favorite cookbook’s temperature chart. When I bought a new oven I discovered that you need to check the accuracy of the oven’s temperature.  My new oven was always 10 degrees less than the setting claimed.

Experiment With Different Kinds Of Cakes

I like to try different kinds of cake recipes, from bundt cakes to angle food cakes.  My family isn’t fussy, they tend to eat any cake that I make.  Trial and error have worked well for me although I have made a few truly miserable cakes when I didn’t pay attention to how much of each ingredient I was using.  I could hear my mother’s voice telling me to follow the recipe, that’s why you have it!

I have also baked many cakes using a microwave. Unlike the oven, you can’t control the temperature in the traditional way and cakes don’t brown. There are some packaged cake mixes that are designed for microwave ovens, that is the only way I would bake a cake in a microwave.  Your toaster oven is a different matter.  It works really well for any cake recipe and you don’t have to change any settings or adjust the recipe.  Most people don’t think of a toaster oven as a small kitchen appliance that can bake cakes, but it works really well.

Baking A Cake Doesn’t Have To  Be Messy

To reduce mess and make baking a breeze, purchase a silicone sheet and line the inner side of your pan with it. If you’re going to be baking a cake using a baking sheet pan, spray it with non-stick spray before lining the pan. This helps reduce the amount of grease that will accumulate on the bottom of the pan, making it easier to remove and clean.