My Homemade Bread Baking Journey

Baking Homemade Bread

Homemade bread is one of life’s simple pleasures. Somehow four, water, salt, sugar and yeast are turned into this wonderful, tasty delight.

Basic Homemade Bread Ingredients

baking bread

Baking bread in the home has become a little of a fashion trend over the past decade or so. If you have not tried it, then here is what you need to know. Bread is probably one of the oldest staples around the world. For thousands of years bread was a fundamental staple food item to many different cultures. It is an item that has been part of every human diet.

When I was growing up, there was only one place where I could buy bread: the local bakery. The freshly baked breads that my mother and grandmother would bring in every morning were an unbelievable treat that I would take with me on trips to school and other places. This is where I got my first real experience with baking bread.

Learning The Secrets Of Homemade Bread Baking

After I had begun my school career, I decided that I wanted to continue to enjoy the benefits of baked breads that my mother and grandmother baked for me. So for my high school graduation present, I decided that I wanted to learn how to make and bake homemade bread at home. After I got my degree in nutrition, I decided that this would be a great project for me to pursue while working full time.

After I got my degree and started my first full-time job, I continued on with my passion of baking breads and making homemade bread for my family and friends’ sandwiches. Over the last couple of years I have perfected my bread recipe and have received great reviews from people that have tried the loaf and enjoyed it. My friend bought me a loaf recently and after reading the reviews and seeing the pictures on the web, she decided to order it from the same web site. She even told her mother that she might want to order a loaf as well. After all, who knows what might happen between now and then?

What Is A Bread Starter?

When I started making bread last week, I knew that I was on a roll and could not wait to share my new-found skill with everyone. I did not think much about making bread starters when I was in college, but after working in the food service industry for several years, I understood the importance of learning how to bake bread and how to use the bread maker. In fact, the other night I took a picture of the loaf and posted it on my Facebook page along with the message, “Bread Loaf – Your Home Kitchen helper here! Be sure to use the bread maker after cutting the loaf to avoid any problems. Happy Baking!” I got a lot of positive feedback from friends and family members.

If I had only known how to bake bread starters in a bread maker, I would have taken a lot longer to master the art of bread making. However, once I got the hang of it, I really enjoy making a variety of breads and desserts. I still sometimes experiment by using different flower varieties such as wheat flour, whole wheat flour, almond flour, and the wonderful brown rice flour. The most important thing is to knead the dough correctly to get the elasticity of the dough just right.  I also found that having some really good bakeware and loaf pans made a difference in the types of homemade bread that I baked.